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The Postsecular Imagination: Postcolonialism, Religion, and Literature
New York: Routledge, 2013; pbk. 2014
by Manav Ratti

Forum on The Postsecular Imagination published in 2022/2023 by the Routledge journal Sikh Formations: Religion, Culture, Theory, edited by Arvind-Pal Mandair, University of Michigan:

Rajgopal Saikumar, "Reading in the Absolute Night: Re-evaluating Secularism in Illiberal Democracies." PDF of article

Rebekah Cumpsty, "Manav Ratti's The Postsecular Imagination in the Context of African Literatures." PDF of article

Stanislaw Obirek, "Europe in Dialogue with Manav Ratti's The Postsecular Imagination." PDF of article

Response Article:

Manav Ratti, "The Intersections of Postcolonialism, Postsecularism, and Literary Studies: Potentials, Limitations, Bibliographies." PDF of article

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